Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sponge Dons Hat For Evening with Mr. E

Going with the wildly popular, but slightly cocky French affect, the Sponge (avec beret) stayed up past 8:00 entertaining Mr. E and friends. Throughout the evening, the sponge was its usual demur self, perhaps redefining the "silent type" once and for all. Still, as you can see, good times and "human speech" are not necessarily synonymous.  In fact, vocal (and perhaps spinal) cords, we have come to realize, are a tad overrated, maybe more encumbrance than evolutionary advantage. As the evening wore on, Mr E was overheard saying, "I feel as though my relationship with the sponge has taken on new meaning; it has definitely fallen to new depths!" Stay tuned.


  1. The sponge looks wonderful Mr. E. I did not think it was the type to get dressed up for occasions.

  2. It's a big risk taker, actually, when it comes to making a statement, fashion-wise.