Friday, December 11, 2009

Sponge Returns, Turns Tide on Misery!

With the return of the Sponge -- dare we call it a holiday miracle? -- the spirit of the season finally descended, blessing us one and all. Having absorbed more than it's share of seasonal cheer, and sporting an infectious holiday ensemble, the curious reappearance our beloved Sponge truly lightened and brightened our day. All is now and finally well. Also, for those who care, there were no visible scars or bruises from its traumatic, near Spongenapping experience. The Sponge's elasticity and resilience are an inspiration to us all.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sponge is okay!

I, E. Callahan, had the privilege of taking the sponge home for the weekend. Having been busy all week, I did not have time to return the sponge as soon as I thought. But don't worry, Edweena is safe and sound. She's okay. Thanks for reading this post, and don't accuse me of being a spongenapper.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sponge Has Nothing to Do with Recent Grey Rain!

BECAUSE IT IS STILL MISSING!! This is getting serious, people!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sponge Missing in Action!

The Sponge, after being invited to the "Snowball" dance, failed to return after its weekend adventure. Strangely, in fact, sources confirm that the Sponge made no appearance at the dance. As of Tuesday morning, there has been no reliable news. What are we to think? Is it too early to suspect foul play? Was the Sponge simply (tragically) misplaced, lost, left behind to fend for itself? The horror! Whatever the reason, whatever the Sponge might (or might not) have done, whoever has it, know this: We just want our little brainless, appendageless, and harmless pet back! Sponge come home!

The Spirit of Sponge Giving

Over Thanksgiving break, I, Mary invited the sponge to join my family and me for those few days in Lousville, Kentucky. The sponge experienced some once in a lifetime oppurtunities such as being able to visit all my loud cousins. That might not be life changing in a good way though because they are all quite loud and might have caused the sponge to go deaf.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sponge Responsible for Recent Snowfall!

In an amazing display of determination, the Sponge -- to the best of its ability -- managed to complete all of the following snow rituals. Sure it was difficult for the Sponge to carry a tune, throw something, and count to five (not to mention the challenge with the pajamas!); however, given the surprising snowfall on Saturday, can anyone doubt the Sponge's success?

1. Flush ice cubes down the toilet.
2. Freeze a metal spoon and sleep with it (either under the mattress or under your pillow). Apparently, this also works with a white crayon.
3. Wear pajamas (or undergarments) inside out (possibly backwards). For added snow making effect , sleep at opposite ends of your bed, with your head where your feet are supposed to be.
4. Run around the dining room table five times (clockwise) but backwards. (Make sure you survive this.)
5. Sing “Let It Snow” with enthusiasm until someone tells you to stop, or play “White Christmas” ten times in a row (or until someone tells you to stop).
6. Throw exactly five ice cubes into a tree.
7. Put pennies on your room’s window sill (heads up).
8. Yell “Snow Day” into the freezer (just once).
9. Do the “snow dance” and "snow chant" (very similar to “rain dance” and "rain chant").

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hey Everyone

If you want to become a contributer, tell Mr. E and he will add you. Whoever likes sponges should be a contributer!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sophie Duke- The Mysterious Blogger?

Is Sophie the sponge? The answer is NO. Sophie Duke just happens to be a middle school scholar. . . specifically Eleanor (preferably Ellie). But why Sophie? Is it only a cheesy pseudonym? I'll tell you the story behind this false title......

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who in the world is Sophie Duke?

In a mysterious twist, someone named Sophie Duke has appeared on the so-called "contributors" list. This is odd as those in charge of the Sponge's Blog have no knowledge of such a person or how in fact this Sophie person became a contributor. It makes one wonder if perhaps we don't truly know the Sponge as we think. Could the Sponge be leading a second life? After the lights go out at Wakefield, does anyone truly know what the Sponge is up to? Wow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Witness at the Spongy Sleepover

As a witness at the spongy sleepover, I, E.Callahan, spent the evening observing and interpreting friend's and the sponge's behavior. I had no idea what they were up to, but I do know that this was a huge thing for J. Allen, for she is a sponge/nature lover at Wakefield School. And because she is such an animal lover, she had a great time with Mr.E's class sponge. ~ signed E. Callahan (I was the one trying to lick the sponge!)      

Sponge Sleepover

At a sleepover at my friend's house, with a few other girls, the sponge came with me, and we had a blast!  I brought my cello and played Good King Wenceslas for the sponge. The sponge was up way to late because it could hear us partying in the attic. Everyone thought the sponge was very entertaining because it WAS!!!!  It was wearing its beret as you can see in the pictures, and it looked very stylish.  The sponge went through about two or three bottles of water in two DAYS!!!!  WOW!!!!  That is a thirsty little sponge we have here, isn't it?  The sponge and I had an amazingly wonderful time!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sponge Dons Hat For Evening with Mr. E

Going with the wildly popular, but slightly cocky French affect, the Sponge (avec beret) stayed up past 8:00 entertaining Mr. E and friends. Throughout the evening, the sponge was its usual demur self, perhaps redefining the "silent type" once and for all. Still, as you can see, good times and "human speech" are not necessarily synonymous.  In fact, vocal (and perhaps spinal) cords, we have come to realize, are a tad overrated, maybe more encumbrance than evolutionary advantage. As the evening wore on, Mr E was overheard saying, "I feel as though my relationship with the sponge has taken on new meaning; it has definitely fallen to new depths!" Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Have an experience with the class sponge!

Sign up to borrow the class sponge. Over an assigned weekend, give the sponge an experience it'll never forget. Take it out to eat. Take it bowling. Allow it to share with your family, a dinner, an outing. Do something special,  just the two of you, if you would rather. Share your hobbies, your pastimes, your exciting side, or your boring side. Photograph it. Write about it. This experience with the class sponge could be a life changer, a real climax. Sign up now!