Monday, December 7, 2009

The Spirit of Sponge Giving

Over Thanksgiving break, I, Mary invited the sponge to join my family and me for those few days in Lousville, Kentucky. The sponge experienced some once in a lifetime oppurtunities such as being able to visit all my loud cousins. That might not be life changing in a good way though because they are all quite loud and might have caused the sponge to go deaf.
The sponge also enjoyed a large buffet at the country club as shown in one of the pictures (no the sponge is not part of the buffet). Who knew the sponge had such a large appetite! By the end of the night no food was left! Many people were exited to see the sponge and recognized it as the true celebrity it is. After this exciting night and wonderful food the sponge went back to my grandparents house and relaxed infront of the TV. The sponge seemed to prefer the murder mysteries. The sponge then relaxed, read, and listened to some music. The next day the sponge woke up and went straight down to the basement and played a game of pool. I'm ashamed to say that I was beaten by a sponge. Later that afternoon we went to the playground and then to the baseball bat museum in the big city of Louisville. The sponge enjoyed the baseball bats and the giant baseball glove and bat with my cousin Kate and me. By the end of the week the sponge was tired but wished it could stay in Louisville. But alas we had to fly back home and back to Virginia.

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